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How can I pay?
You will pay by credit card. We use Garanti Bank’s virtual POS, which is a 3D-secure payment solution that enables us to process credit card payments for purchases made via the internet. Payment details can be found under Bank Account Numbers.
How long will it take to receive my order?
Delivery times vary. Our maximum delivery time (from order confirmation and payment receipt) is 20 working days.
How will I know that I will get what I’ve asked for?
We will email you the design layout, in panel form from the design you have submitted for your approval before proceeding to production.
I can’t upload my logo. What can I do?
The logo you upload should be in PNG, JPEG or GIF formats.
When I upload a JPEG or GIF I get a white box around my logo, how can I get rid of this?
By uploading a PNG file, the background will be transparent so you will not see the white background. If you can’t do this, and you want teh white background removed, mention this in the Order Note section, when you place your order quantities.
Can I pay at the door?
We are working to add new payment methods, but we do not have the option to pay at the door.
What if I don’t see anything I like from the template designs, can I make a custom design?
For an additional one-off cost we can provide any design you like. Contact us with your brief and/or designs. 
We will submit the designs to you for approval before proceeding to order.
What if I want to order more than the amount listed in your website?
For bulk quantities, contact us in the communication section for an individual quote.